PalmPDF for Palm OS

Read PDF documents on your Palm PDA

The first real PDF Viewer for all Palm OS 5.x devices. PalmPDF is a port based on Xpdf. PalmPDF is labled as Beta version, because not all features are implemented yet. Please have a look into the ToDo.txt file inside the archive. During development great importance was attached to stability.

Features of PalmPDF:

  • Native PDF on almost every Palm OS 5 device
  • File Browser to pick up your PDF file from anywhere on your card
  • Handles received PDF files from EMail, Bluetooth or WWW
  • Very small on-device memory footprint by moving the renderer to the card
  • "Find" support in your PDF files
  • Presentation mode for PDA based overhead presentations
  • On-device conversion of your PDF files to plain text
  • Easy to use, fast and free!

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PalmPDF 1.5

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